Privacy policy


Our privacy guidelines are in accordance with the Data Protection Directive of the European Union and the applicable federal, state and local data protection laws. We wish to inform you about how we collect, use and what precautions to privacy and your "privacy" are taken.

1. Anonymity


When you visit for the first time your identity is not known. You can remain anonymous and all information and shopping Web sites, visited anonymously and products via the shopping cart feature selection. The personalization of the shopping is done first then if you provide your personal information in the order form and send the completed order to us. The need for the use of anonymous shop visit stems directly from the principle of the law on data protection, and storage of personal data may in principle be prevented or will be minimal

2. What information is collected

Personal information we collect on the order pages  onlineshop where your data for order processing, accounting and delivery specify. The fields are divided into mandatory and voluntary assignments. The fields of the mandatory information are marked with an asterisk. Required fields are data that are essential to process your order (first and last name of the purchaser, if any company or organization name of the purchaser, street and house number, postcode, city and country). Voluntary fields are for the processing of your order is not required. This is the case with your phone. Despite the law in order to minimize data, it is strongly recommended that at least your phone behind. Only then is a modern service delivery. Other required information is information about the payment method and depending on your choice, information about your bank account or credit card details. If additional data are under an order entered in the shopping cart items and quantities and timing of recording of the order. Order is considered a set of personal data and product related data, including time saved by us. Direct access to this file, the customer is not provided. The customer receives a confirmation via e-mail in Dutch, that the order was received.

3. Who is responsible

Personal information is information about personal or factual circumstances of an identified or identifiable natural person. Due to the use of personal information collected online are We owe you about "the identity of the responsible authority" to report. is a domain of Myriad Smart Nutrition, Chassestraat 63 1057JA Amsterdam. The total of all legally required information to identify the website you supplemented with voluntary information here.

4. Consent of the customer

The collection, processing and use of personal data under Dutch law for Internet shopping is admissible only if the customer agrees and consent to a deliberate action takes place. Therefore, you must click on by a tick in a box (rectangular box that is activated by clicking on them) new locations via the customer login page. Additionally, please note the intended purpose of the collection, processing and use of the data: All personal information via the website pages have entered will not be used, collected and processed by the order and for future customer service by Myriad Smart Nutrition. Processing is defined as to store, modify, transmit, blocking and deletion of personal data. The provision of personal data to third parties for advertising for other companies will not take place by Myriad Smart Nutrition.

The approval process is automatically by our system date and time recorded, taking into account the underlying text of the agreement being notified, as required by law. The text of the agreement is an HTML file that the customer can print and can be stored. Access to the actual text of the agreement, or earlier versions thereof, by Myriad Smart Nutrition calls over The current text of the agreement text here. For the newsletter service is a separate agreement that is not personalized. Because of an order email address is primarily used for communication with the order faces.

5. Right Return

If you leave us your personal information, you have the right, the permission to use this information at any time to withdraw and request the data to remove. Delete the deletion of stored personal data. In case of removal is only deleted if not contrary to statutory or contractual retention periods. Data used for payment or accounting purposes are stored in a disposal excluded. Blocking is the characteristics of stored data for further processing or restrict usage.

To remove and protect your personal information, please contact: Myriad Smart Nutrition, Chasse 63, 1057JA, Amsterdam or In the context of advising clients by Myriad Smart Nutrition records of computer configurations and customer applications will be removed if the customer wishes delete their personal data.

If the customer orders the removal of their details, only the data for billing and records kept. However, these are locked for further use. By login name and password, the customer personal data on the web away.

6. The transfer of data to third parties

The disclosure of personal data to third parties Myriad Smart Nutrition
 done only as necessary to implement the agreements with you and maintaining the customer is required. Third, trade and service partners of Myriad Smart Nutrition.
 Thus, the address for delivery to the client passed to the carrier. If a packet is lost or an insured event occurs invoices and the delivery to the carrier and the insurer announced. Data related to a direct debit will be passed to our bank. For credit card payment, the details (name, first name, credit card number, expiration date and any other information such as customer address, etc.) to a credit card or banking organization sent.

7. Technical and organizational security

 Smart Nutrition Myriad uses technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of your personal data. Your information is stored on specially protected servers. Access is limited to a select group, responsible for technical and commercial support from the servers. All employees of Myriad Smart Nutrition have at the beginning of their work a statement signed regarding the confidentiality of data, even after the work continues. Furthermore, all employees of Myriad Smart Nutrition adequate measures to meet the requirements of data protection regulations. This training is done with special attention to the characteristics of the online mail order companies and the resulting specific requirements for protecting gegevens.Myriad Smart Nutrition takes precautions to protect your servers against viruses and other harmful effects. Even with the current technology can not be reached one hundred percent protection. Myriad Smart Nutrition
does not guarantee that no viruses, etc. in connection with the use of the website transferred. The liability for damage caused by viruses or similar technology is excluded.

8. Update personal

Update your personal information, you can obtained online after using login name and password to log in, for example because of an order or after login. Alternatively, you can update your information to contact us. If your personal information over the Internet to update, is a protected form of transfer (SSL encryption) is recommended.

9. Statistical surveys

We collect statistics about the use of our website and online store. These studies, without mention of personal data can not be traced to an individual person. Among the statistical data collected include the number of hits, page views, etc. and sent KBytes per period, browser usage, operating systems and online services, and home links.

10. Cookies

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer. This file can only contain information in text form. Cookies can not uncontrolled amounts of data on the user's computer to write, but only a limited amount. The "spying", the hard disk of the user is so impossible by placing an executable code, such as programs or viruses. Smart Nutrition Myriad Cookies contain only the data for the current session, when closing the window of the browser loses the cookie to be valid.

11. Links to external sites

The Smart Nutrition Myriad websites may contain links to other websites (forwarding) contain. Myriad Smart Nutrition is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of such other sites. Instructions for the privacy policy is available if required at the relevant sites.

12. Children

Myriad Smart Nutrition recommends all parents and guardians to teach their children in a safe and responsible way to deal with personal data on the Internet. Without the consent of parents or guardians should be no personal data on the website of Myriad Smart Nutrition submitted. The Smart Nutrition Myriad will not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children, in any form whatsoever, or disclose to third parties.

13. Questions and comments

If you have comments or questions about the privacy of Myriad Smart Nutrition, please contact us:

14. Changes in the privacy policy

With the development of computer and Internet technologies for data protection by Myriad Smart Nutrition constantly taken into consideration. Myriad Smart Nutrition reserves the right at all times here formulated "privacy policy", taking into account the legal framework to protect data, to change.