Detox with Chlorella

Toxicity caused by heavy metals and chemical toxicity is one of the most real threats to our health today. It is entering our body through the amalgam fillings in our teeth, by eating fish (often contaminated with mercury or dioxins), through everyday cooking utensils or through the air we breathe. There are also many traces of pesticides and herbicides on the back of the fruits and vegetables that we eat from the supermarket around the corner. For these reasons it may be a good idea to give your body a helping hand in the discharge of these toxins. That is, if you prefer to stay healthy and fit for as long as possible! Fortunately, there is a microscopic alga called chlorella that binds toxins and heavy metals in our gut and then expels them from the body.

Chlorella is a powerful detox help.

Chlorella plays an important role in the systemic elimination of such mercury (amalgam) mainly because the body will try to get rid of mercury through the intestinal tract. Once the mercury load in the intestines is reduced, the mercury from other body tissues more rapidly migrate to your intestines, where chlorella is working to remove it.
Another good idea to take chlorella together your with meals. Any existing toxin on vegetables binds directly with Chlorella's indigestible cell wall in your stomach before they are recognized by the body. Chlorella's cleansing effect on your bowels as well as the liver helps to protect your blood from pollution and waste in a very effiecient way.